10 04 2010

This hippie’s did everything their way, and their means of “architecture” is no exception. Not only did they use their homes as their means of transportation, they also used these vehicles as canvases. The vehicles and the way they adorned them, in their psychedelic art, represents the 60’s and hippie generation to a t. Free love, colors, artists and musicians that inspired them – EVERYTHING was included, each making a similar style but actually leaving them each unique. Another important point to note would be how most of the vehicles were Volkswagen, and the hippie attention this brand was given still leaves them the symbol for counter-culture mode of transportation.

During festivals, if you weren’t traveling in your beetle or van, tents were the makeshift shelter of choice. The following is a photograph by Bob Alycott, taken at the Isle of Isle of Wight Pop Festival in 1970. The girl in the center is still unknown, but this photo still remains iconic of the time. At a hippie festival, smoke-in-hand, pregnant, and barefoot. Ah, the ideals of the time.

And if you weren’t making a home in a van, or a tent…

… Then you used a little piece of God’s architecture called your feet, and your thumb. And your overly large backpack.

Much hippie love,




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