HIPPIE FASHION: Must Have Items To Look Like A True Hippie

7 04 2010

In order to play a part, you have to look the part – so your first lesson in becoming a hippie starts here. There are several distinct ways that can be specifically classified as being hippie, and they include…

1). Hippie Hair

Guys and girls, its time to retire the scissors. Unkempt long hair is a major trademark of the hippie style. For men, facial hair is also in. Keep it as non-neat as possible.

2). Headbands

To rein in that long hair, it would be smart to invest in the hippie headband. It can be anything from a wide scarf tied around your head, or a thin string. If you can get a flower tucked in there, that’s extra points.

3). Granny Glasses

Working your way down from the hair and headbands, you’ll get to the granny glasses. These were usually worn in rounded frames, just like the ones pictured above. If John Lennon could wear them… they’re worth it. “All you need” is a little John Lennon style!

4). A Tie Dyed T-Shirt

Never bought, these were made by hippies themselves using dyes such as Rit Dye. This part of hippie fashion is hands down the must have. If you aren’t down with tie dye, you most likely should abandon the idea of being a hippie altogether. Much love, and good luck elsewhere!

5). Love Beads

These necklaces, called “love beads,” are generally to be worn looped around the neck at least once, then have the rest droop down.

6). Peace Accessories

The peace sign was often worn as an accessory such as a necklace, but if you can wear it as earrings, on a piece of clothing, or so on then all the peace power to you! Stick a peace sign on a love string, and your conquering two style traits in one try.

7). Fringed Vests

Fringed vests were hugely popular in hippie times. I recommend trying one over a tie dyed t-shirt, for a perfect hippie combination.

8). Long Skirts

Floor-length boho skirts are also a widely recognized clothing item of the hippie days, and the one pictured above is a perfect example of one. As per the one pictured above, its not only the skirt but it has been tie dyed as well.

9). Bell Bottomed/Custom Grungy Jeans

Just like the tie-dye, a do-it-yourself approach is still applied when it comes to the pants that were generally worn. They were all normally bell bottomed, tattered, and the more patches and peace signs, the more hippie.

10). Hippie Footwear

Leather sandals are generally the number one footwear choice of hippies. They are normally flat soled, with tiny leather straps going over one toe (pictured above), or were more of a flip-flop style. If you are brave enough, some hippies even dared to try this…

(If your brave enough).

Try these tips, and you’ll be getting flashed peace signs in no time.

Sending some peace, love, and happiness,

Your Hippie Helper ❤