HIPPIE LANGUAGE: You Look the Part, Now Speak the Part

7 04 2010

Now that you LOOK the hippie part, its time to speak the hippie part. There are hundreds of words that can be traced back to hippie roots, but some of the most basic ones and sayings to know would include:

1). Pad: Where you lived. For example, “Let’s go back to my pad, and we can just chill.”

2). Crash: Going to sleep; coming down from a drug trip. For example, “Hey man, I’m ready to crash. Want to go back to my pad?”

3). Happening: Something that is really fun, like a party. Try saying it like, “Chad’s party is supposed to be happening, lets head over there now!”

4). Groovy: Something that’s cool. For example, “Those love beads are groovy!”

5). Scarf: Eating something fast. For instance, “I scarfed down that tofu, it was so groovy.”

6). Gas: Having a lot of fun. Try combining this word with other hippie words, like “I had a gas at Chad’s happening party! Let’s go back to my pad now, and crash.”

7). Far out: Something that is even cooler than groovy. “That party was so far out, lets have another one tomorrow.”

8). Dig: To understand. Like, “Do you dig what I’m tellin you?” That’s right.

9). Threads: Clothes. For instance, “The hippie threads you just learned about are far out.”

10). Square: A conformist; a non-hippie. For example, “My parents are such squares. I’m glad I have such groovy friends.”

11). Peace Out: How to say bye. If your leaving a party, try throwing a “Peace out” out there, and tossing up the hippie peace sign for a bonus.

12). Brother: Someone you get along with, or another hippie you felt a particular like-ness to. Try it like, “Hey brother, lets go scarf down some food, and we can head up to the party.”

13). Grass: Marijuana. “That grass we just smoked was groovy.”

14). Green: Not knowing; being “ignorant” but not in negative connotations. This description would normally fit a new hippie to the scene that didn’t know the ropes – for example, “That brother was so green.”

15). Psychedelic: Mind expanding. This normally described all the art they did, the experiences had while on drugs, etc. It would be used like, “That trip was so psychedelic.”

Keep trying to combine the words, and you’ll be groovy in no time.

Peace out,

Your Hippie Helper ❤